Balancing Act

Well, welcome to summer everyone!  I think I'm turning into my parents, but the days, weeks & years go by so much faster as I get older!  Summer break snuck up on me and I don't really have all my ducks in a row with knowing I need to work along with managing the boys & their schedule.  Our lives got a little less hectic when Jonathan decided to break his wrist 3 weeks ago as some of his daytime activities got cancelled. 

One thing I promised myself this summer was to be more in the moment with the boys and enjoy the time with them.  I don't believe in having something planned for them every hour of every day as I think they need to just be boys & run around the neighborhood with their buddies or spend time just the 2 of them being creative & thinking up crazy ideas.  So, how am I going to balance working from home & keep them out of trouble?  I am going to set aside specific hours where I am working in the office.  I plan on doing this early in the morning 3 days a week.  One of these days, I will have a neighbor boy come and hang with the kids.  The other mornings, they will have chores, reading, math, etc to do.  So this all looks legit written down...hoping I can execute it each week.  Most likely, I will fly by the seat of my pants the rest of the time!!!  Let's be real, when you own your own business you can work all the time!  

We are on the go a lot in the summer and I want to have easy & effortless outfits to wear, but still look pulled together.  It's not as hard as it seems, but if you are like me, you tend to wear the same few pieces over & over(insert jean jacket here!).  I like to keep it simple people & not over think my outfit.  Here are 3 looks that you will see me in a lot this summer!  Basic pieces, but looks like I made an effort.  Would love to hear what your favorite summer pieces are!  


Ellie Dress

Ellie Dress

Pineapple Tote

Leather Tassel Necklace

Steph Top 

Poppy Dress

Poppy Dress

Colie Jacket

Trudy Necklace


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