Friday, Aug. 11th couldn't come soon enough for us as we had an appt. with Katie Pretzel with House of Colour...what is that you ask?  Well, let's take it back to the beginning.

In Spring, we were graciously invited into someones home to do a pop-up event.  There we met Michelle, who whipped out this cute wallet with a whole bunch of colors cards in it.  We  of course had to ask what in the world it was.  She said they were the colors she was supposed to be wearing.  Well, this was intriguing seeing that we own an online boutique and probably should know what colors look good on us, right?  She then began to explain she had her colors professionally done by a company named House of Colour.  She let us know it determines what "Season" you are and so you can shop for the colors that look the best on you.  This totally got us intrigued & we looked at the website many times, but it took us 5 months to reach out to Katie & book the appt.  

Fast forward to Fri. Aug. 11th.  The day was finally here & we were so dang excited to learn a little more about the science behind all of it & finally know what season we are and our WOW colors.  We head out to Minnetonka to Katie's cute little house.  Her office is lovely and so is she.  She made us feel very welcome and we jumped right in.  To preface, we had to go there with absolutely no makeup on, which is a scary thing!  

Without ruining you experience, because you DEFINITELY need to call and book an appt. ASAP...she has all these fun solid color scarves that help her break down if your skin tone looks better with blue or yellow based colors & then from there determines the season you are.  Now, there is a little more that goes into it, but we don't want to ruin all the fun for you.  There are 36 colors within each season & of course we want to be in the season that has Black, right?  Well, lucky for Jenny she was the big winner, but Marci, not so fortunate.  

Another great feature of the appt. is that they have their own cosmetics line & after determining what season you are, VOILA...there is certain makeup colors that coordinate best with you season.  Let us tell you, this was crazy once we saw it all come together.  We stepped out of our comfort zones & rocked some new lipstick shades.  We have determined, that throw on a WOW color & a complimentary lipstick and you will look smashing.  In the after pictures, we have very little make-up on.  A very light application of powder, bronzer & blush is all you need as your canvas & then hit it hard with that lip color!    

You are probably wondering how much is this going to set me back?  The entire process takes anywhere from 1-1.5 hours and costs $195.  We 100% think this is well worth it.  We both went home that day and compared our colors to the pieces in our closet & it wasn't looking so good.  Lot's of purging to do!  

The most important take-away from all of this though is as women, we always want to look & feel our best.  What if finding out that by wearing bright blue, burgundy or teal green could really brighten up your face & give you that confidence back, wouldn't you want to know your WOW colors?  Now, for the big reveal.  XOXO-Jenny & Marci

Information for those in the Twin Cities...if you live outside the area, go to to find an expert in your area.  
Katie Pretzel
House of Colour Minneapolis(office is in Minnetonka)  

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